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A Brief History of the Sex Toy
 The origin of the Toys you can find for sale on Sex Toys UK began thousands of years ago.  But it was probably the Greeks who first started using them in earnest.(Reports are that Earnest wasn't best pleased and moved to the Costa Del Sol).   The 'Olisbos' or dildo started to appear in both their art and literature about 2400 years ago.  Numerous artifacts have been discovered with depictions of various sex toys including a large number of vases with interesting depictions.   The greeks didn't classify themselves into seperate sexual groups - 'straight',  'gay' etc so their use of sex toys was quite varied !

The Victorians introduced Sex Toys to  the UK however they were taboo and  marketed as massagers or health treatments - often prescribed to treat 'hysteria'.  In 1880 a British doctor invented the first high-tech sex toy - a battery operated electric vibrator.   After that slowly sex toys came out into the mainstream and in 1921 a famous magazine called Hearsts carried an advertisement for a maritial aid.  It's claim was to keep wives looking pretty and free from 'hysteria'.  So to prevent hysterical wives and partners pick up a gift from 'Sex Toys UK'

On this site you will also find links to external companies offering erotic gifts and services - they have all been tested and approved and are from trusted suppliers who won't rip you off.

Enjoy and most of all have fun !!!

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